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Ruinedworld.com is the creative hub of artist / illustrator Mike Johnston. Mike is a multifaceted artist, that works in a wide range of mediums and genre, but tends to frequent horror, sci-fi, and surrealist themes… More info!

Note to Johnstongraphics.com travelers:

If you have been redirected here from Johnstongraphics.com, then don't be scared, its still me, doing the same art. I still do custom zombie portraits! I am just changing some things up and cleaning up my web presence.

Website overhaul proceeds as planned

Lets be cereal now, there is no "plan", per say.... it really just gets done as I find time to do it, and not detract from my useless laying about, playing video games and watching streaming stuff off the web, but I did do stuff! Yaaaaay!

  • Background
  • Searchbar
  • Social media icons
  • Header image
    • I can now update and keep a record of my header images via the cms ui! woot!

Website Overhaul...

I am currently in the process, of ripping apart my entire website and making new graphics and such for it. Those of you who do web design know this is a pretty big task, especially when the only time to do it is when I am done with work, and you want to build the entire thing from the ground up... so yea... It will get done... at some point!

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