Welcome to Ruinedworld.com!

My name is Mike but people also call me Ruined or Ruinedworld and this is my digital/creative footprint.

I have been a working artist for well over thirty plus years professionally creating art and design for illustration, animation, 3d art, graphic design, web development, film, multimedia, and

concept art. As well as working in many different mediums, technique, and style.

Growing up in the Zombie capital of the world (Pittsburgh, PA) has left an lasting impression on my interests in the realm of sci-fi, survival horror, and apocalyptic fiction. With such zombie legends as George A. Romero and Tom Savini, it's no wonder my first love was zombie movies. As a child, I was spoon fed a well-nourished meal of Chiller Theater and Dr. Who every Saturday morning. One of my first memories of going to the drive-in movie theater was seeing George A. Romero's Dawn of the dead, and I remember just being in awe of this film. Many years later I am still fascinated with everything zombie and science fiction related.


The website is currently under construction! Sorry for the lack of... everything!