My name is Mike Johnston but people also call me Quentin or Q. I have been an artist of some kind for well over twenty-five plus years. I have worked with both physical and digital mediums, and in the last five to six years digital has become my primary medium of choice.

Growing up in the Zombie capital of the world (Pittsburgh, PA) has left a lasting impression on my interests in the realm of survival horror, and apocalyptic fiction. With such zombie legends as George A. Romero and Tom Savini, its no wonder my first love was zombie movies. As a child, I was spoon-fed a well-nourished meal of Chiller Theater and Dr. Who every Saturday morning. One of my first memories of going to the drive-in movie theater was seeing George A. Romero's Dawn of the dead, and I remember just being in awe of this film. Many years later I am still fascinated with everything zombie and sci-fi related...


Are you crazy, evil, psychotic or have multiple personalities?

  • No, no, no and no, well the last one might be up to debate. I am just a very open-minded person, I like many different styles and genres, and enjoy working in them all. I can draw a cutesy teddy bear skipping through a field of flowers… and then draw a killer zombie teddy bear skipping through a field of dead bodies. I don't feel that I need to or should limit myself to any one particular theme.

Do you worship Satin?

  • No, but I do like how it feels… silky smooth!

Do you warship Satan?

  • Um... You sank my battleship... Satan!

Do you worship Satan, the Devil, Lucifer?

  • No

You are going to burn in hell, Jesus saves!

  • Is that a question? Well only if there is pie. I like pie.

How do you draw this stuff?

  • I have a good imagination and watch a lot of movies.

How do you do that?

  •  I assume you are talking about "this stuff"? It's magic…

How much do you charge?

  • It really depends on the subject matter and how it's going to be used. A personal drawing you want to give Joe the plumber for his birthday is going to cost less than a multinational corporation with plans of world domination. So hit me up on my contacts page, and ill throw you a quote.

Can you draw me as a zombie? For free?

  • Yes, I can draw you as a zombie, no I can't do it for free, this is what I do for a living, and unfortunately, until everyone else in the world starts working for free and not charging for food, rent, shoes… toilet paper… etc I have to charge for my time so I can buy stuff.

Can I use your art for something?

  • Only if you pay me for the usage. Why? See above.

Didn't you use to tattoo? Do you still tattoo? If not... why?

  • Yes.. No, I no longer tattoo, it was getting really hard with my eye condition. So I had to retire.

Can you still draw my tats..?

  • Yup... I can still draw, it was just the whole... cant see... permanent needles in skin thing that was making it hard to continue.

Can I give you LOTS of money?

  • Why yes…. Yes, you can! Ok, I made this one up, but if there are any takers… id be happy to take your money.