My name is Mike Johnston but I am also known as Ruinedworld or just Ruined. I have been an artist of some kind all my life, spreading my creative joy over many different facets of the industry. Starting with a foundation in Commercial Art (Old school graphic design, hand lettering, and layout boards) and Visual Art (traditional art and Illustration) in the mid-90s, and then moving on to cell and computer animation and multimedia in the late 90s. Finally settling into graphic design and web design through the 2000s. You could say I am the swiss army knife of creativity or a creative Bard. 

Growing up in the Zombie capital of the world (Pittsburgh, PA) has left a lasting impression on my interests in the realm of survival horror, and apocalyptic fiction. With such horror legends as George A. Romero and Tom Savini, its no wonder my first love was zombie movies. I was spoon fed well-nourishing meal of Chiller Theater and Dr. Who as I grew up, and one of my first memories of going to the drive-in movie theater was seeing George A. Romero's Dawn of the dead on the second screen (Even though I was not supposed to be watching it) and I remember just being in awe of this film. Many years later I am still fascinated with everything zombie and sci-fi related...


I am very active in the video game modding community and have self-published several mods for Fallout 4 using Bethesdas Creation Kit as well if various community tools. I have also done a considerable amount of work on large development teams for very popular mods including Sim Settlements, Sim Settlements - Industrial revolution, Sim Settlements - Rise of the commonwealth, and Sim Settlements - Conqueror.

Self Published

Ruined Homes and Gardens

Handmade Turrets


Sim Settlements

Sim Settlements - Industrial Revolution

Sim Settlements - Rise of the Commonwealth

Sim Settlements - Conqueror