Fallout 4 Sim Settlements: Factionpack Wastelanders Flag Art

General / 14 October 2019

Fallout 4 Sim Settlements: Ruined homes and gardens addon 4.1.0 update

Work In Progress / 07 October 2019

SS Ruined homes faction flag work...

Work In Progress / 03 October 2019

Just some of the planned flags for my Wasteland scavver esq themed faction in my addon pack... withy possible tee-shirts/merch planned, but you know...

Ruined homes and gardens new store update progress!

Work In Progress / 05 September 2019

I know it's been slow going but just documenting more progress on the store update.... it's actually in-game... some more work and testing and I can drop to the release... I have also thrown in a new faction for conqueror fans... the Scavvers!





Ruined homes and Gardens wip - stores update

Work In Progress / 04 June 2019

I have been adding some builds here and there in between other projects... I should be dropping an update with 4 - 6 new builds for Sim settlements - ruined homes and gardens in the next week or so.... here are some sneak peeks!

Sketchbook - Ser Chipmonkington, Lord of the Woodlands and protector of its nuts

Work In Progress / 31 May 2019

This week's sketchbook drawing is of a kingly looking chipmunk in a woodland environment... This little fellow visits us during our lunch break, and presents himself in a rather royal manner, overlooking all his lands and going on constant patrols to chase away invading birds and other lowborn chipmunks... Clearly a leading player in the game of nuts!

I will work on a colorized version over the next few days... should be fun!

Sketchbook - Cactus

Work In Progress / 21 May 2019

Its a cactus, with a tie... a Cacti..... Yea.... What?

Ruined homes and gardens windmill build

Work In Progress / 09 April 2018

I have been working on a few new updates for my Fallout 4 Sim settlements mod.... One year anniversary coming up!

Mod page: Ruined homes and gardens

Sketchbook - Zombie greaser

Work In Progress / 09 January 2018

Back in the.... blog again?

News / 08 January 2018

I was big into the blog journal, sketch blog, weekly sketch thing back in the.... good ole days when the internet was new(er) and people were just starting to talk excessively about themselves.... whilst others enjoyed reading about it....

Busy work and other things that detract from time quickly ate away at my ability to want to blog, plus it was no longer cool. Well no more! It is time to start sketching and talking about myself again! so buckle up.... buckaroo. Let's get bloggy with it.... Or, maybe I will just start drawing stuff and posting it again.... Or just posting stuff I am working on.... maybe... Now I see why I stopped doing this.... is there anyone even there?