Custom Zombie Portraits

Do you have itchy burning sores? Or an insatiable hankering for human flesh? Well, then you just might be a zombie already! So what are you doing at your computer? Get out there and infect someone! The zombie apocalypse is not going to spread itself!

If you are not breathing challenged and have a lingering wonderment of what you would look like as a disease infested zombie? Then you need to get zombie-fied! Join the horde of the living dead today with your very own custom zombie portrait! You could become a slobbering cannibalistic undead fiend just like you always wanted! That's right! you too could be shambling around all day, staring into empty corners, and generally menacing your neighborhood. What are you waiting for! Get Zombified TODAY!!!

Once you purchase the order and send me images you the intended victim, the process of zombification begins. Simple as that?

Stages of Infection

Stage 1 First I draw out the portraits and "ink" them. I will send you a black and white image comp at that time... So that we can make any changes or alterations ect. Once I get the thumbs up we move on.

Stage 2 Now that I have the thumbs up I start working on shading and coloring. When I finish at this point the atrwork is for the most part done. I then send you as a final stage comp to ok befor printing and mailing..

You are now zombified!!