Ruined homes and Gardens wip - stores update

Work In Progress / 04 June 2019

I have been adding some builds here and there in between other projects... I should be dropping an update with 4 - 6 new builds for Sim settlements - ruined homes and gardens in the next week or so.... here are some sneak peeks!

Sketchbook - Ser Chipmonkington, Lord of the Woodlands and protector of its nuts

Work In Progress / 31 May 2019

This week's sketchbook drawing is of a kingly looking chipmunk in a woodland environment... This little fellow visits us during our lunch break, and presents himself in a rather royal manner, overlooking all his lands and going on constant patrols to chase away invading birds and other lowborn chipmunks... Clearly a leading player in the game of nuts!

I will work on a colorized version over the next few days... should be fun!

Sketchbook - Cactus

Work In Progress / 21 May 2019

Its a cactus, with a tie... a Cacti..... Yea.... What?

Ruined homes and gardens windmill build

Work In Progress / 09 April 2018

I have been working on a few new updates for my Fallout 4 Sim settlements mod.... One year anniversary coming up!

Mod page: Ruined homes and gardens

Sketchbook - Zombie greaser

Work In Progress / 09 January 2018